If a yarn tells you it isn’t feltable…believe it!

I felt…I felt a LOT…and it has been a very satisfying and successful experience.  I have lots of bags, purses, assorted bowls and pumpkins to prove it.  But…I had to get cocky and think that I could felt “superwash” wool.  I didn’t start with that intention, but about half-way through the first skein, I looked at the label and realized I had superwash — why I had superwash at all is an entirely other question of which I have NO idea…

Anyways…a colleague at work brought in a beautiful felted had her mother made many years ago and I decided I had to make one too.  I found the perfect pattern on Drops — and away I went…

But…then came the superwash — I checked online and found an overview of what makes superwash, well, superwash — and the disclaimer was don’t dry it — don’t abuse it by overheating in the washer…so I did all of those things..but alas…the yarn initially told me that it was…and I didn’t believe it (yes, I’m borrowing a Maya Angelou quote about people — but it fits here too!)…

And…the final product?


So now…it will be a big, hobo bag — I guess that’s what it wanted to be all along…I’m finishing up on the i-cord handle — so a picture will be ready soon with the transformation.

I have started another hat — in a dark brown WOOL — pure and feltable wool to try another hat…we’ll see.


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